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58-Year Old Man Graduates From High School; Calls For Scholarship To Foster University Education

Education is the foundation upon which the future is built. 58-year-old Alusine Mansaray has graduated from the Mac Foundation High School (12th grade) with a successful pass in the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at the Faith and Victory Church edifice on Saturday, 30th September 2023 Alusine Mansaray narrated that the journey was not an easy task from seventh grade but with passion, commitment, and determination brought him thus far.

Mac Foundation High School was established in 1997 by Bishop Michael Cooper at Jamaica Road Junction in Monrovia to meet the early childhood education needs of kids and has made a remarkable stride in the development of programs that enhance the early learning process of her students. 

Alusine, who was attending the extension component of the institution known as “Night School” said night school is a lifeline of accessibility that extends a hand to those who face the daunting challenge of balancing work, family, or other commitments during the day.

“Today, I stand before you to emphasize the profound importance of night school and to encourage each of you to consider attending or supporting this remarkable avenue of education. Night school isn’t just an alternative; it’s a beacon of opportunity, a pathway to personal and professional growth, and a catalyst for positive change”.

He revealed that despite his current age, 58, he’s ready and willing to continue his tertiary (University) Education, but quickly called on the Government of Liberia and other stakeholders to offer him a scholarship to pursue.

According to him, education is the cornerstone for the national development agenda and the pathway to a brighter future for young people as a means to empower them to create opportunities for themselves, their communities, and our country but quickly says “the development and improvement in Liberia’s human capital have emerged as the biggest generational challenge we face”.  

He added, that the pursuit of knowledge, regardless of age or background, is a noble endeavor, which brings together diverse individuals who share similar goals and experiences as a form of a supportive network where you can learn from each other, motivate one another, and celebrate collective achievements.

The 58-year-old High School graduate pointed out that based on his observations, Liberia has a high rate of illiteracy which according to him is the major problem of the backwardness of the Country.

“Night school promotes education equity. It reaches out to those who couldn’t attend traditional daytime classes for a multitude of reasons. It tears down barriers and champions inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of circumstance, has the chance to learn and grow”.

The Weah-led Administration the period under review, has spent nearly 38.9 million US dollars on the tuition-free policy, renovation of public universities, WASSCE and Junior High School Examinations fees, the “Support to Closing Teachers Salary Gaps” project, and support to the Engineering College.

President Weah’s Administration is and has spent those millions of dollars in an effort to fix the “messy” educational sector that his predecessor, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, once described.

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Figo Mansaray is a Liberian Journalist for over 10 years and currently working with Kukatonon Media Inc and AYV Media Empire.
Figo, a prospective Graduate at the University of Liberia can be contacted via +231777489052/+231881734014 and mfmansaray2015@gmail.com

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