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“ELWA-RIA Road Construction is Worrisome”; Expresses Rep. Enders

Montserrado County District #6 Representative Samuel Enders has described as ‘’worrisome’’ the form and manner in which EAST International Construction Company is proceeding with the ongoing construction works along the ELWA-RIA Road. Representative Enders remarks about the work being done on the ELWA-RIA Road is based on a horrific fatal motor accident that led to several persons being injured and four deaths.

The District # 6 down-to-earth Representative has empathized with the families of those who lost their loved ones in that ELWA-RIA Road accident.

 “It is unsafe’’ for EAST International to leave a mini-passage in the middle of the road while both sides of the road have enormous ditches which might have facilitated the fatal accident.

Moreover, it can be recollected on March 23rd, 2023, that at least ten persons were involved in a woeful accident that occurred from excessive speeding and loss of breaks by a non-commercial truck driver (Who is presently in police custody) along the ELWA-RIA Road running into cars, bikes, and tricycles.

Uttering remarks during the weekend when he held a mass memorial ceremony for those who lost their lives in the District, following the fatal motor accident which included a Police Officer and a Senior Student at the African Dream Academy, Representative Enders conveyed his deepest condolences to the parents and reiterated that the situation remains a big blow to the Country.

 He stated that although, the accident situation cannot be attributed to the sole fact that the EAST International Construction Company at a certain point along the road created a mini-passage by digging both sides, but also emphasized the necessity for the Company to open up more corridors at all points along the road amidst the ongoing construction works for smooth passage of cars, bikes, and tricycles plying on the road.

“So, we come today to speak to the Government, to every meaningful Liberian, to the Public Works Minister (Ruth Coco-Collins) and EAST International Construction Company, as you fix the road passing down, please do not dig both sides of the road. Leave a space so our people can get down.  Leave a space so, our children can get down. They are using this route, they want to go to School, and they want to learn, but you cannot create a ‘’death trap’’ and leave it for our people. Many cars fall on the way-side along those holes and nobody comes to get those cars out, and when your car gets damaged you are responsible’’, Representative Enders noted. 

Also, Representative Enders at the same time urged the Ministry of Public Works along with the EAST International Construction Company to employ all mechanisms and ensure road safety for people while ongoing construction works are in progress

In the meantime, Representative Enders has however voiced out that the loss of lives on the RIA Highway remains a big blow to the Country.

‘’This will remain in our hearts and will continuously remind us of what happened on that fateful day, and to let them know that we will not forget about them’’, he empathized with bereaved families.

Making remarks at the ceremony some parents of the accident victims expressed regrets about the loss of their loved ones.

“I am hurt, I am grieved, I am the mother of Luck Boy (Luck Smart), one of the victims of the accident), but I want to be grateful today, that we can stand together, we remember all of them”; declared the Mother of the late Lucky Smart.

Also speaking was a family member of one of the accident victims.

‘’I am Rachel Ben, I am the late Pastor Elijah Ben’s sister, I am so downhearted for the Man of God to have been caught up in this. I am so broken, a family member of another victim of the accident furthered.

That being expressed, during the open memorial ceremony held recently several parents of the accident victims, well-wishers, and other well-meaning Liberians of Montserrado County District Number Six trooped in to pay tribute to their loved ones.

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