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Farmer Calls For Support To Mixed Cropping

An Agriculturist in Vahun District, Lofa County Jonah Lalugba, is calling on the Government of Liberia to empower farmers to embark on mixing cropping.

Disclosing Kukatonon News in Vahun recently, Mr. Lalugba said for the past years he has engaged in growing varieties of crops.

Mixing cropping typically refers to the practice of growing multiple crops together in the same field or agricultural system as a sustainable agricultural approach that promotes biodiversity, resource efficiency, and resilience that farmers can optimize resource utilization, improve pest and disease management, enhance soil health, and achieve stable and diversified yields.

Kukatonon News has independently observed that Mr. Lalugba grows crops including cassava, pineapple, pepper, cocoa yams, oil palm, and vegetables among many others.

Jonah Lalugba, an experience General Agriculturist who has worked with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is currently having over 25 acres of mixing cropping in Vahun District.

He called for support from the GOL and partners as he plans to harvest more than 50 acres of varieties of crops for commercial wholesale distribution.

He expressed dissatisfaction over the deplorable road conditions of the district which has led them to sell their produce in neighboring Sierra Leone at a low price.

Mr. Lalugba added that he is available to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to share knowledge as a means to improve the sector.

In a related development, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture has recently begun the distribution of crops to producers and processors along the cassava, rice, rubber oil palm, and vegetable value chains.

The beneficiaries received fertilizer, improved seed rice, cassava cuttings, and vegetable seeds. Other items include wheelbarrows, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, pruning, tapping knives, approved chemicals for those involved with rubber planting, rain gears, and spraying cans, among other things.

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Figo Mansaray is a Liberian Journalist for over 10 years and currently working with Kukatonon Media Inc and AYV Media Empire.
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