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Following gunfights in Freetown, President Bio declares a statewide curfew

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 26, 2023, the government of Sierra Leone foiled an alleged coup attempt in the capital, Freetown. 

The alleged coup attempt involved armed men attacking a military barracks and attempting to break into an armory. 

The gunmen also overran detention centers, including a major prison. 

Reports suggest the gunfire originated from the main military barracks at Wilberforce, near the President’s lodge. 

The residents of the Wilberforce and Spur Road communities were awakened by sporadic gunfire at 2 A.M. with an intermittent shooting that continued till 5:00 A.M. echo through the areas.

It is not clear as to who is behind the attack, but sources have started pointing fingers at some members of the opposition but a senior military source indicates a breach in the armory at Wilberforce.

Meanwhile, the Government of Sierra Leone has announced a Nationwide Curfew as a means to facilitate the ongoing efforts of security forces in apprehending the suspects, noting citizens are urged to adhere to the newly imposed curfew.

About 2,000 soldiers swiftly arrived from Daru Barracks and Gondama as part of the Presidential Standy task force unit.

The State Security put the situation under control, secured the President and his family, and is said to have secured all streets in the capital.

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