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GOL and Partners on Track to Rollout Implementation of Accelerated Community Development Programme – ACDP

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the Liberia National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH Commission); and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP)-Liberia, has ended a series of meetings that took place at 18 locales in four counties, on the implementation of the Accelerated Community Development Programme (ACDP). 

According to UNDP, a group of technical experts visited and held meetings with several Liberians across Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand Cape Mount, and Rivercess counties to find out their most pressing development needs under Agenda2030.

In addition on October 24, 2022, President George  Weah, launched an ambitious program under the title: “Accelerated Community Development Programme (ACDP)” designed to help Liberians climb out of poverty, improve their living standards, live healthier and longer lives while reducing gross inequalities between rural and urban areas.

Also, the Programme according to the President is meant to focus on poor people with limited access to basic social services and infrastructure in rural and urban areas.

Accordingly, the Government of Liberia has already invested Three Million United States Dollars  (US$3,000,000), to help initiate the project this year, to prove its commitment and determination to improve the country’s overall human development.

Furthermore, the government of Liberia’s aim is to mobilize One Hundred Million United States Dollars (US$100,000,000) for the first three years of the program which spans from 2022 to 2025.

With support from UNDP, the Government of Liberia is currently negotiating with other development partners, to secure the full financing needed to lift all Liberians out of poverty before the year 2030.

Besides, recent consultative meetings held have resulted in a plan for the projects that will be implemented this year as part of the Accelerated Community Development Programme (ACDP).

In continuance, the projects identified include the construction of solar-powered water reservoirs, installation of hand pumps, public toilets, sanitation facilities, the creation of agricultural hubs that will be equipped with storage facilities, and the distribution of farming tools, tractors, and post-harvest equipment.

Moreover, the Accelerated Community Development Programme is a flagship program of the Government of Liberia orchestrated by the Office of the President and is meant, to benefit all Liberians.

The program will be implemented via the involvement of the communities and will be of immense help, to the people of Liberia with President Weah, as chair of the Steering Committee.

According to statistics, about half (50.9%) of the people in Liberia, live in abject poverty; the situation is worse in rural areas with a percentage of  (71.6%) as compared to urban areas (31.5%).

Likewise, Food insecurity is also precarious, because about half of the people in rural areas (50.9%) are uncertain about getting their next meal compared to 28.1% in urban areas.

Meanwhile, electrification is generally low in Liberia, the situation in rural areas is dire with only 3% of people having access to electricity.

 The program emulates the successful experiences of countries such as Senegal, Togo, and Gambia. It can be recollected that it was first piloted in Senegal; and has been effective in enabling countries to boost rural development and reduce poverty and inequality.

Story developed from a post on UNDP-Liberia Facebook Page.

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