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GOL Extols Nigeria’s Support of Volunteer Teachers to Liberia

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education has hailed the People and Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for their partnership and support in assigning volunteer teachers to Liberia in helping to beef up the Liberian Education Sector.

The Liberian Government on Friday, October 27th, received a batch of 12 volunteer classroom teachers from Nigeria in addition to the first batch of teachers coming into the country.

Remarking on behalf of the Government, the Minister of Education, Prof. Ansu Sonii, underscored the move as cordially significant in strengthening the relationship that continues to exist between the African Countries.

In furtherance, Minister Sonii expressed that the Government of Liberia remains optimistic that with such support, much can be achieved in the education sector.

The Minister then used the occasion to remind the received volunteer Nigerian teachers about the significance of their roles in participating in the national development process of the Country.

“Liberia remains grateful to the Nigerian Government and its people for the cordial relationship that continues to strengthen to strengthen between the two African Countries.”

“These twelve Nigerian volunteer teachers are fully sponsored by the Nigerian Government with the Liberian Government responsible for their accommodation. The volunteer will be assigned in the following counties: Nimba, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Bassa, and Lofa,” Minister Sonii noted during the welcoming occasion at the EJS Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

For his part, the Nigerian Embassy Representative, Minir Ibrahim, described the assignment as a call to national duty, thus urging the assigned volunteer teachers to remain professional, ethical, and law-abiding, in following the Ministry’s rules and guidelines.

He at the same time assured the Liberian Government of the volunteer’s preparation and readiness to meaningful contributing in their capacities to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Nigeria and Liberia.

“The Federal Republic of Nigeria calls on Nigerian volunteer teachers to be professional, ethical, law-abiding and follow the Ministry’s rules and regulations. This assignment is a call to national duty requiring the highest ethical standard and moral values as expected of teachers”, said the Nigerian Embassy Representative.

According to the Ministry of Education, the qualifications of the volunteers range from Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees. However, the second batch of 12 volunteer teachers to Liberia includes the names of: Aliyu Abubakar,  Grace Ifamu Agbo, Olandimeji Stephen Ehinola, Famita Umar, Nuhu Mohammed Madaki and Martha Lilian Obehi Okpere-Ampofo.

Other are: Olugbenga Meroyi, Chukwuemeka Nwofoke, Olamibo Omotola Balogun, Charles Tola Omogbadegun, Samuel Olawole , and Salihu Bello Yakubu, respectively.

Meanwhile, the second batch of volunteers has recalled a total of 26 currently in the country under the Technical Aid Corps (TAP) as part of an initiative between the two countries on their bilateral ties that has been in existence for a couple of years.

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