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Government of Liberia Establishes Task Force to Recover Illegally Acquired Assets

In a bid to combat corruption and retrieve assets wrongfully acquired by current and former government officials, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has issued Executive Order #126, establishing a Task Force for Asset Recovery within the Office of the Minister of State for Special Services.

The Executive Order, signed by President Boakai, highlights the dire need to address the illegal acquisition of assets that have been detrimental to the Liberian government and its citizens. It emphasizes the responsibility of public officials to declare their assets transparently, both upon entering and exiting public service, to prevent corruption and ensure accountability.

The Task Force, mandated by the Executive Order, is tasked with identifying and tracing all stolen and suspicious assets within and outside Liberia’s borders. It will also conduct investigations, procure evidence, and initiate legal proceedings against perpetrators. Additionally, the Task Force will collaborate with relevant agencies, including the General Services Agency and the Ministry of Justice, to ensure the successful recovery of assets.

Furthermore, the Executive Order authorizes the Task Force to impose travel and other restrictions on suspects and utilize diplomatic and Interpol channels to extradite individuals outside Liberia’s jurisdiction.

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has been directed to allocate and disburse funding for the full implementation of the Task Force’s activities.

President Boakai stressed the urgency of the situation, stating that immediate action is necessary to restore lost assets and ensure economic viability and development in Liberia.

The establishment of the Task Force reflects the government’s commitment to combating corruption and holding accountable those who have unlawfully enriched themselves at the expense of the Liberian people.

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