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Historic Political Transition in Liberia: Outgoing President Reflects on Achievements and Challenges

On the eve of transferring power to President-elect Joseph N. Boakai, departing President George Manneh Weah gave a speech to the country as Liberia prepares for yet another momentous political shift. The President gave a speech that was both humble and full of thanks as he reviewed his six years in office and discussed his accomplishments, difficulties, and future goals.

Weah highlighted the cooperative efforts with the populace in creating a unified, peaceful, and successful Liberia while expressing profound gratitude for the honor and privilege of holding the office of President and Commander-in-Chief of the country. The administration’s journey, which commenced in 2018, sought advancement and growth by putting in place a number of policies and initiatives.

In his reflections, the President enthusiastically enumerated his accomplishments, which included building roads, promoting free education initiatives, stabilizing macroeconomic issues, and creating pro-poor housing developments. The President did, however, concede that there was still space for development and conveyed optimism that the future government would carry out and finish long-term projects for the good of all Liberians.

In response to the problem of rumors and false information in politics, the President stressed the need to begin the transition with the facts and urged everyone to work together to remove this obstacle in the years to come.

Weah stated; “Fellow compatriots, rumors and misinformation have played a large part in our politics over the last six years. It is my hope we as a country will overcome this challenge over the next six years”.

The President’s speech focused mostly on the country’s economic accomplishments, noting a notable uptick in the economy. In contrast to the inherited position in 2018, the government’s consolidated finances revealed a sizable cash balance and a 136% increase in the net international reserve position. The President gave his word that there will be greater resources available for the future government to deal with macroeconomic issues.

“There is a bigger net international reserve position than was handed me in 2018. I inherited about ninety-four million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand United States dollars in net international reserves, and I am handing over to the next administration a net international reserve position of two hundred twenty-two million, seven hundred thousand United States dollars. This is a 136 percent increase in net international reserve position. The total cash balance in the Government’s Consolidated accounts is United States forty million, forty-four thousand, three hundred sixty-five dollars, and ninety cents. In 2018, my Government inherited a Consolidated cash position of about seven million United States dollars”; Weah pronounced.

The President gave careful thought to his pledge to preserve law and order, democracy, and peace. The African soccer icon, highlighting the orderly handover of power in 2018, expressed great delight in the country’s capacity to sustain peace both inside and outside the country during his term. Liberia, widely recognized as a cornerstone of West African democracy, received praise for its robust democratic framework and its observance of citizens’ rights.

Even though President Weah announced his resignation from politics earlier this month at the Forky Klon Family Fellowship, he continues to be committed to the nation’s politics as he steps down and continues to play an active role as the Standard Bearer and Political Leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The President exhorted the populace to uphold the law, look for amicable ways to settle disputes, and value communication and tolerance.

The President concluded by highlighting the durability of democracy, the power of unity, and the optimism for Liberia’s future. As a new period begins, it is important to work together to forge ahead and create a united country that upholds the rule of law and democratic values.

The leaving President expressed hope for the future of Liberia, noting that the historic transfer represents a continuation of the country’s democratic journey. The speech ended with prayers for God to continue blessing the Republic of Liberia and blessings for each and every one of its residents.

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