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HOR Press Director Outlines Pending Bills for Enactment; Envisions Peaceful Runoff Elections

The Director of Press and Public Affairs at the Honorable House of Representatives- HOR, Amb. Robert B. Haynes, says the august body will act upon the 2024 National Budget upon its return from the November 14, 2023 Presidential runoff elections.

Director Haynes added that this vital financial framework will guide the allocation of resources towards various sectors crucial for national progress and welfare.

According to him, members of the House of Representatives will also engage in comprehensive discussions regarding President George Weah’s policy statement to include volunteer Health workers and Teachers on the Government’s payroll, acknowledging their tireless efforts and substantial contributions to society.

He added that the body seeks to oversee the recently passed drug law’s efficacy.

“This oversight is aimed at ensuring the law is being implemented effectively and is achieving the desired outcomes. The examination will delve into the law’s impact, successes, challenges, and opportunities for refinement to further combat drug-related issues in our nation”, he asserted.

Commenting further, the HOR Press Director, said the Legislature will address the revision of certain concession agreements.

“The purpose of this review is to ensure that these agreements align with the national interest while also considering the needs and concerns of all involved stakeholders”, he added.

In a related development, Director Robert Haynes, on behalf of the House of Representatives, has extended an earnest plea for all citizens, political parties, and stakeholders to engage in the electoral process with civility, mutual respect, and a commitment to non-violence.

“As the nation prepares for this crucial moment in its democratic journey, the Legislature emphasizes the importance of maintaining peace and fostering an environment of respect and understanding among all individuals and communities. This significant period demands collective responsibility and a commitment to upholding the democratic values that form the foundation of our society”, he patriotically narrated.

The Director of Press and Public Affairs at the Honorable House of Representatives- HOR, Amb. Robert B. Haynes commented on ECOWAS RADIO flagship program “Good Morning West Africa” with Host Olive Thomas.

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