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International community condemns Sunday morning shooting in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The latest shooting in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has drawn outrage from the worldwide community.  It is said that a group of armed men broke into a military armory in the city during the Sunday morning incident.

According to the authorities, things are under control and the attackers have been driven back. Nonetheless, there has been a great deal of mayhem and gunshots as a result of the occurrence.

The US government has urged all parties to follow democratic processes and the rule of law, and it has demanded the immediate release of all those jailed in relation to the coup attempt.

 In addition, ECOWAS has denounced the coup attempt and demanded that those responsible be held accountable.

At the same time, the leader of Sierra Leone’s Opposition Political Party, the All People’s Congress (APC) Samura Kamara has cautioned Sierra Leoneans to adhere to the Public Notice by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education to stress the critical importance of the advice contained therein.

“The peace, unity, and safety of our country are paramount and everything else will follow for a prosperous and secure Sierra Leone. This country needs the peaceful energies of each and every one of us to build, and sustain a better future for all”, he stressed.

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Liberian-born Emmanuel Orlind Cooper is an accomplished multimedia journalist with extensive experience covering news and stories on a variety of media platforms. Orlind's work frequently demonstrates his profound grasp of the region and its complexity, given his Liberian heritage.

Now residing in Philadelphia, he keeps connecting with readers across continents with his perceptive journalism and sharing his viewpoint. He is well-respected in the sector because of his unwavering commitment to honesty and morality, which sets him apart in the field.

Orlind's work is more than simply his job; it's a dedication to giving voice to the voiceless, illuminating unsung tales, and advancing the worldwide conversation on important concerns. His goal as a journalist is to use the media's power to change the world, not just to disseminate information. He is a key player in modern journalism because of the inspiration, education, and engagement that his work consistently provides.

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Figo Mansaray is a Liberian Journalist for over 10 years and currently working with Kukatonon Media Inc and AYV Media Empire.
Figo, a prospective Graduate at the University of Liberia can be contacted via +231777489052/+231881734014 and mfmansaray2015@gmail.com

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