It’s Time for the Youth to Lead: District 13 Pledges Support to Oscar Menlor

On Sunday, several residents of District 13th assembled at the Battery Factory community to give a rousing welcome to Honorable Oscar Menlor, for his tireless efforts in improving their welfare.

According to District 13th residents, now is the time for them to support their son and ensure that Oscar Menlor becomes their next Representative. Oscar Menlor according to the residents was born in District 13th and has a very good relationship with the people of the district.

Additionally, Honorable Oscar Menlor did a tour of the district and held a Press conference as well as an interactive session with influential leaders of the Muslim Community.

While in Flahn Town, District 13th, Honorable Menlor, donated LD $7000 to the Muslim United Association and also gave LD$20,000 to the Youth of the District 13 Soccer team.

Moreover, during his visit to District 13th, Honorable Oscar Menlor, advised the Youth of District 13th, to stay off drugs. According to Honorable Oscar Menlor, many Youths are dying from the deadly substance known widely as ” KUSH”.

“I say to you today, that the issue of Drugs is very serious, and every day more people are dying at JFK and other medical facilities as a result of smoking the illicit drugs known as KUSH, and if nothing is done about this KUSH business, within the next few years our country will be in a turmoil which we do not want”, said Oscar Menlor.

Meanwhile, Honorable Oscar Menlor has vowed to keep up his good gestures and improve the lives of the residents of District 13 and is about to embark on many projects in the District.

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