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Joseph Boakai, Liberian President, Declares Assets and Tests Negative for Drugs

Liberian President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has officially reported his assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), demonstrating his commitment to accountability and transparency. One of the main requirements of the Public Officials Code of Conduct is satisfied by this activity.

Boakai’s asset disclosure is regarded as a major step in the direction of encouraging political responsibility, avoiding conflicts of interest, and stopping the unlawful acquisition of riches. Not long after disclosing his wealth, Boakai stressed the value of maintaining independence and integrity in his government.

“Transparency is the cornerstone of good governance. As leaders, it is our duty to lead by example and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to accountability,” President Boakai stated. He advances that all government officials adhere to the highest ethical standards, stating, “We must hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve”.

President Boakai has disclosed his assets and completed a drug test with no positive results. This move is consistent with his previous State of the Nation Address, in which he urged all public servants to submit to a drug test as part of his efforts to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Nicole Cooper, the doctor-in-charge of Wellness Partners Clinic, revealed the President’s drug test results. President Boakai complimented other government officials for taking part in the process and praised the team for their work after the announcement.

Boakai’s actions are viewed as a bold declaration against corruption and the use of illegal drugs, providing a model for other public servants to emulate. In order to maintain good governance and combat corruption, his administration’s efforts are anticipated to be greatly aided by his dedication to accountability and transparency.

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Liberian-born Emmanuel Orlind Cooper is an accomplished multimedia journalist with extensive experience covering news and stories on a variety of media platforms. Orlind's work frequently demonstrates his profound grasp of the region and its complexity, given his Liberian heritage.

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