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There is a testimonial in the African settings that says “If you touch one, you touch all”; Ceteris Paribus (all other things being equal), it seems apparent, that the Kissi Chiefs and other Elders of Lofa County are currently uneasy and troubled over the manner and form of the plots to bring down their kinsmen.

Correspondingly, as the clocks tick and the date for the Presidential and General Elections gradually seeps in, there are a series of plans that are allegedly being cooked up against the Executive Mansion Chief of Protocol Finda Bundoo and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee

The latest reports reaching the analytical and highly investigative desk of Kukatonon News state that Nora Finda Bundoo, who is known affectionately as “Rescue Mother” whose continuous assistance to the young, middle age and old folks or senior citizens across the counties, is huge and if she continues to be in a high position like the one she occupies currently, she will cause many people in the Country to decide to vote and give President George Weah, a second term.

Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee

Accordingly, the machinate or nefarious plan is to allegedly create a scandal whereby Chief of Protocol Finda, can be allegedly linked to financial malpractice or laxness, and then, she will have no other alibi or alternative but to be compelled to recuse herself, and eventually lose her position and place of prominence which will be a big blow to the Weah-led regime.

But the Kissi Chiefs and Elders of Lofa are not buying into the plot because Ms. Bundo is said to be a very kindhearted person who relates to the impoverished and less fortunate people, by assisting them financially, and is morally developmental and she always finds a means of empowerment not just for youths of Lofa but also people of other counties.

According to an indisputable and highly connected source within the Unity Party, the loss of Lofa County in the past By-Election of 2022, in which Cllr. Jallah became victorious and is still being discussed in the War and other critical rooms of the Unity Party and it is not something that is being taken lightly.

Moreover, according to words emanating from higher-ups within the Unity party, there is an ongoing game of chess that is being played close to the chest of key decision-makers of the party and that game allegedly is to reduce the influence of people such as Finda Bundoo and Jefferson Koijee who according to the UP source, have tremendous influence over both the first time voters as well as the Market Women, Yana Boys of petty Traders, Students and Farmers associations of Lofa County.

Executive Mansion Chief of Protocol, Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo

Additionally, this news outlet has learned that the game that is allegedly being played is intended to feed the electorate of Lofa with the clarion calls that they must not forget that other Counties are rallying behind their sons who are political leaders.

“Look at Nimba, there is still a large portion of the population that listens to and supports Senator Prince Johnson, Maryland has their son Cummings and the rest of the other Southeastern Counties are still behind President Weah, so why can’t the people of Lofa support their own son Boakai? Declared a source of Unity Party, who spoke to Kukatonon News.

Besides that account, another Unity Party (UP) Stouthearted Partisan who spoke to Kukatonon News on Saturday, March 11th, revealed that former VP Boakai who is allegedly not strong physically to endure the rigorous campaign tours of 2023, and due to his inability to be robust or energetic as he once was, is only giving ideas and instructions to his able lieutenants on what to do to regain the trust of the people of Lofa County.

On top of that, it is also alleged that the former ruling party, (UP), used a counter-propaganda tactic by allegedly coercing the Kissi tribal chiefs and other elders of Lofa County to ignore the developments being carried out in Lofa especially the road construction because the government is using the very taxpayer’s monies; and it’s not the personal money of the regime and also, the Elders of Lofa County must not listen to or cooperate with Representative Thomas Fallah, Amb. Finda Bundoo or Mayor Jefferson Koijee when it comes to informing their children whom to vote for.

Former TRC Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Verdier

Based on our investigation, with all those contentions, many political pundits are concerned and asking, if the aim of the unity (UP) is to convince the voters to turn to UP because they are aware that the tentacles and strings of the CDC are now spread and well rooted in Lofa and comes October 2023, the CDC chances of winning Lofa county due to Finda, Koijee and Fallah’s influence on people is very high?

With that being said, it would seem that the plot is to persistently or consistently spread Fake propaganda to entrap Finda Bundoo and Mayor Koijee and then incriminate them, and then, a void will be created in the innermost circle of the Presidency when it comes to his most trusted lieutenants.

The historicity of Finda and Koijee’s impact on Liberians

Lord Mayor Jefferson Koijee has always been a person of goodwill and one with a letter-perfect character. He was always a student of activism who championed the cause of the less privileged.

He devoted his time to working to better humanity and was a member of a Non-Governmental institution known as DEVMEDIA. He also has vast experience when it comes to coordinating young people to put their intellectual prowess to the test through quizzing tournaments.

He also worked along with the erudite, Cllr. Phil Tarpeh Dixon to champion activism for the rights of children including the late Angel Togba among others.

And on the other hand, Finda Bundoo, who is known widely through the length and breadth of Liberia, as Rescue Mother or Rescue for short, did not just get that name when President Weah took office; rather Rescue Mother is a name she inherited while operating her cook shop or restaurant in Fish Town, River Gee County as well as on Perry street in Monrovia and at that time she would offer meals to people regardless of the amount they had in their pockets.

Foya Statutory DIstrict Superintendent, Clarence Tamba Sandy

Meanwhile, as the alleged plots get underway to remove  Finda, Koijee, and by extension, Rep. Thomas Fallah, from the proximity of President Weah, many Kissi Chiefs of Lofa County, have openly condemned the conspiracy against their children and say Lofa will not betray their own who are connected to President Weah, comes October of this year.

But speaking to Kukatonon News via Mobile Phone on Saturday, March 11, 2023, Foya Statutory District Superintendent Clarence Tamba Sandy, disclosed that the Kissi Community will be officially filing a lawsuit against Cllr. Jerome Verdier as of today, Monday, March 13, 2023, for his false claims against Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee on matters relating to former Chief Justice Musu Scott’s niece’s murder case because the Kissi Chiefdom believes it is a total witch-hunt against the Kissi Community and has the aptness to ridicule prominent sons and daughters of Lofa.

Superintendent Sandy described the allegations by Jerome Verdier and others as a mere witch-hunt not only against Major Jefferson Koijee; but also against Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo for their kind gesture and their developmental and humanitarian services to the country and its citizens.

“The fight by the opposition to castigate the characters of our kinsmen and women is a snare and intended for them to leave their positions and places of prominence which will be a big blow to the Weah-led regime as elections draw near”; stated the Kissi Chief.

According to the Chief of the Statutory District, he and other prominent sons and daughters of Foya district both home and abroad, are converging a mass meeting which will be a commemoration of chiefs and elders from all the four clans of the district and will be held on Sunday, March 13, 2023, in central Foya.

The Kissi Chief expressed that at the meeting, the legal counsels representing the district will be in attendance and that the crucial meeting is meant for elders, chiefs, women men, and youths of the district, to decide on filing a lawsuit against Jerome Verdier as well as documenting an official complaint against the opposition community for a witch hunt and staging a tribal attack against the Kissi Community in the country.

“After our mass meeting, on Monday, the Kissi Community will be holding a press conference at which time we will reveal other information to the public relating to a series of actions which will be taken in the fight to defend their Son Koijee and Finda, from political propagandists who do not want to see others prosper”; Superintendent Sandy averred.

Foya District is one of six districts located in Lofa County, Liberia. Foya District is the most populous district in Lofa County, with a population of 75,515 people as of the 2022 census. Foya is predominantly occupied by the Kissi tribe of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Foya is about 450 km (280 mi) from Monrovia.

In another development, Lofa County Sports steering committee Chairperson, Momo Cyrus recently called for a speedy investigation into the allegation linking one of its members, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

Cyrus told Journalists Friday, February 3rd, that members of the Lofa County steering Committee are concerned about the grave and outlandish allegations linking one of its members, and is categorically stating that   Jefferson Koijee and Finda Bundoo are seen throughout Liberia as inspiration and influencers who have brought developments in Lofa County.

Making further remarks, the Security Expert Guard Agency, Chief Executive Officer, expressed confidence in the Liberian security apparatus to professionally deal with the investigation, including bringing perpetrators to face the full weight of the Law.

Momo Cyrus, himself an expert security officer, warned against finger-pointing and wonton statements that would undermine the investigation.

He applauded former Chief Justice Musu Scott and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, for availing themselves to the Liberia National Police paving the way to a full-scale investigation.

Former Pentagon official, Michael Rubin

The former Lofa county Senatorial candidate quickly clarified that he was not speaking for Lofa County, but in sympathy for the attack and subsequent murder of former Justice Scott’s niece.

He stated that the incident linking one of its dependable and integral members Mayor Jefferson Koijee, could not go unnoticed without the steering committee speaking on the gravity of the matter.

Cyrus furthermore appealed to the government of Liberia to give more logistics and resources to National Security which will help fast-track the investigation, because the outcome of the investigation would greatly accelerate the much-needed investment in the Country.

With all political strategists’ hands on deck and as they carefully calculate their moves, on how to obtain more votes from inhabitants of  Montserrado, Nimba, Bong, and  Grand Bassa, one can only reason that when it comes to Lofa County, the battle of supremacy is certainly going to be an uphill one.

ANC International Lobby for Sanctions Against Mayor Koijee

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Alexander Benedict Cummings has widely bragged of lobbying for U.S. sanctions against officials of the Weah administration and it has been renewed with the latest coming out again from  A former Pentagon official, Dr. Michael Rubin.

Rubin has started his campaign, calling on the Biden government to institute sanctions against President Weah and Jefferson Koijee and equating Mayor Koijee to a terrorist.

Michael Rubin states, “As Weah hemorrhages popular support, he increasingly  Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee, a man who stands  West African States (ECOWAS) ambassador,  a communication involving a Koijee associate calling for Koijee to have Nkrumah murdered, allegedly for objecting to plans to rig the election”.

The fact is that it was an opposition supporter, Bill Carson, commenting on an Anti-Government Talk Show, The Costa Show, who called for the death of the ECOWAS Ambassador and not the follower of Mayor Koijee as claimed by the lobbyist, Dr. Michael Rubin.

Carson commented, “I want Jefferson Koigee (Koijee) to send the ECOWAS Ambassador six feet, then the international community will wake up.”

The ECOWAS Ambassador has since complained to the Ministry of Justice about the threat on her life by Bill Carson.

Additionally, Cllr. Jerome Verdier’s claims of Mayor Koijee being a child soldier were rebuked by his co-commissioners on the defunct Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Political pundits have expressed that the opposition is using the international community to unseat Weah and have spewed falsehoods against key actors in Weah’s Administration to weaken his base.

Tough-talking Jeremiah Wonde noted “ANC and UP have for a long time fooled the US Government into believing their fake stories against President Weah and his base but Liberians know how peaceful Weah has been over the years.

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