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KMI Trains 12 MICAT Staff in Visual Storytelling

Twelve Staffers of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), on Wednesday, April 5th, began a month-long capacity-building training in visual storytelling.

The Staffers who are participating in the training cycle, work directly under the MICAT Department of Audio and Visual.

 In addition, the month-long training program in visual storytelling is being hosted by Kukatonon Media Incorporated (KMI), under its Kukatonon Institute of Technology (KIT), situated in the Lakpazee Zoo Community in Monrovia.

Audiovisual Department Staffers paying keen attention during the opening of the month long training

Furthermore, the training which is the first of its kind for workers of the Department of Audio and Visual at MICAT is expected to last until the first week of May, 2023.

At the climax of the training, participants are instructed to produce documented work on various topics which are to be published on the Kukatonon News website as well as, other social media platforms for future reference.

During the opening of the training, MICAT Director of Audio and Visual Department,  Dyrus Zinnah, motivated participants to remain focused and learn what is being taught to expand their knowledge vastly.

The Director of Audiovisual at MICAT making remarks during the opening of the training

He cautioned members of his department not to focus on how big the position they occupy is at their job site, but they should rather focus on the new skills they will gain.

 He enunciated that each participant, should consider themselves as students and be sincere to the process to yield positive results as an evaluation period laid ahead at the end of the training.

He at the same time told his co-workers that the training is key to their productivity at their job site as the Minister of Information, Ledgerhood Rennie, is counting highly on them to be at their best.

“Our sole responsibility is to make the Ministry proud after this training and as such, we should be focused and capture what will be taught during the period of the course”, he sounded off.

At the same time KMI Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emmanuel  Orlind Cooper communicated that he is fascinated by the number of participants and urges everyone, to make use of the opportunity to gain more applicable knowledge from others through the carefully selected topics to cover the full course on visual storytelling.

According to him, the month-long training will cover topics that include but are not limited to Pre-production, Production, and Post-production amongst others.

Kukatonon Media Incorporated ‘s CEO, Emmanuel Orlind Cooper teaching visual storytelling to MICAT Staffers

“We will be learning a whole lot here and as we go, we will assign you by the team to cover various topics which will serve as means of proving what you learn from the training. And this training will enhance your ability to do things that you thought were difficult to do as media professionals”  Cooper annunciated.

KMI CEO, at the same time, has divulged that at the end of the one-month training, based on evaluation from trainers, certificates will be given to participants based on each specific area of focus during the training.

Meanwhile, the participants of the training, are intrigued about such a mind-blowing opportunity and can’t wait to absorb all that is in stock for this month’s long training.

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