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President Boakai Prioritizes Road Infrastructure Development in First State of the Nation Address

In his first State of the Nation Address, and like his predecessor, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. emphasized the importance of expanding and improving the road network in the country. Despite some progress in the road and transport sector, President Boakai acknowledged the considerable challenges that remain in road development.

The President revealed that the total paved roads in the national road network amount to only 1,131.1km, representing 8.7% of the 13,000 km road network needed. This fact underscores the urgent need to fund road development in the country.

With assistance from friendly partners, the country has made notable progress in paving some primary roads, including the corridors: the Gbarnga to Salayea, the Ganta to Saclepea, the Ganta to Yekepa, and the Sanniquellie to Loguato. Additionally, 37.7 percent of work on the ELWA to RIA Road Project has been accomplished.

AI-generated image of Road Construction works under the Boakai led Government

To ensure access to all county capitals, the Government will work to alleviate the problems faced by commuters using primary roads, especially during the rainy season. The restoration of the County Road Maintenance Stations will be a key deliverable.

In response to these challenges, the Government has commissioned a “NO CAR STUCK IN THE MUD” 100-DAY DELIVERABLE to make all major primary corridors pliable.

The flagship road delivery program will include the Freeport to St. Paul Bridge Road. With funding from the Government of Japan, construction of a 4-lane road from the Gabriel Tucker Bridge to the Freeport of Monrovia will begin. The Government of Japan is also expected to provide funds to expand the Gabriel Tucker Bridge to 4-lanes. Additional support from Japan has been secured for the conduct of feasibility studies for the expansion of the Freeport to St. Paul Bridge corridor. The Government will allocate funds to complete the 6.5 km Freeport to St. Paul Bridge Road. This initiative was requested by his predecessor, President George Manneh Weah in 2019 during the TICAD Summit in Yokohama, Japan.

President Boakai assured that funding from the National Road Fund will be utilized to maintain and rehabilitate roads for the public good. Through the contribution of Liberians who pay their fuel levies from every gallon of gasoline or fuel oil they purchase, the maintenance program will continue to expand, maintaining the existing network and constructing new community roads.

The President extended sincere gratitude to the country’s development partners, which include the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, USAID, UK Aid, the German Government, KFW, and GIZ. He also thanked Arab partners, including the Saudi Fund, the Kuwaiti Fund, and BADEA, as well as the Japanese Government and JICA, the Swedish Government, the Chinese Government and its China Aid program, the Norwegian Government, the Indian Government, the African Development Bank (AfDb), and ECOWAS for their many contributions to the country’s infrastructure development.

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