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President-Elect Boakai Cautions Liberians: “Politics Should not Define Us”

The President-Elect of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, has cautioned Liberians to unite against their political differences and collectively resolve to move the country through the path of national development.

Recently, Liberians went to a highly contested Legislative and Presidential Elections that saw huge political division among citizens, a process in which Amb. Joseph Boakai was announced the winner of the Presidency over Incumbent President George Weah in a closely tight race.

Making his first post-election address to the nation, President-Elect Boakai said that now that elections are over, it is important that citizens join hands and prioritize the growth of the country.

The Unity Party Standard Bearer and President-Elect is poised to take over the nation from Incumbent President George Weah in January 2024 which many have termed to be highly politically divided.

In his deliberation, Boakai asserts: “There is only one Liberia, citizens of the oldest in Africa! All of us have won. What has happened in our democracy over the last four days is a win for Liberia, and will be a legacy for as a people and marked posterity forever. We will no longer be known for war but, but for the peace that has prevailed in our country”.

“We must, therefore, embrace each other and be magnanimous in victory and gracious and gracious in defeat. Politics should not define us. What should define us is our collective resolve to transform our for the good of everyone including future generations”, he noted.

On Monday, November 19th, the National Election Commission (NEC) declared Unity Party’s Joseph Boakai winner of the 2023 Presidential run-off Election in Liberia with 814,481 constituting (50. 64%) while the Incumbent George Weah of the Ruling CDC accumulated 793,914 standing as (49.36%) with the margin of 20,567 representing (1.28%) in the just-ended November 14 polls.

Further speaking on Wednesday, November 22nd, at his Rehab Residence in Paynesville, President-Elect Boakai assured Liberians of extended developments across the country.

The Opposition Leader now President-Elect claimed that the progress of Liberia is undermined by a lack of honest leadership, emphasizing that his Government will affect the popular will of the people and serve differently.

“The progress is undermined by the lack of sound and honest leadership. It is this leadership we promise the Liberian people as we together build a country with a vision aimed at promoting a functional and equitable society for generations to come”, the UP Standard Bearer stressed.

Meanwhile, as Liberians wait to see a new democratic era of transition from one government to another, both the Incumbent President and the President-Elect have begun separate preparations for the smooth transition of power.

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