Several Left Homeless In Voinjama Due To Violent Storms

More than 50 houses in Voinjama, Lofa County have been seriously damaged as a result of violent storms in the County. 

The incident which occurred on Sunday evening, April 16, 2023, left several people injured and houses including private schools.

Cyclones are violent Storms with an intense spiral and are accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains. They are caused due to strong winds blowing around the central area having low atmospheric pressure.

This is not the first storm incident in Voinjama and the County at large. It can be recalled that in 2017 at Kolbah City violent storms affected 500 residents and in 2021 in Samudo Town, Quardu Gboni District, twenty-six houses were destroyed as a result of a violent storm. 

Currently, most of the people affected by the storm disaster are residing in congested family homes as they eagerly await assistance to begin rebuilding their lives shattered created by the recent storm disaster.

The administrations of the affected schools are calling on the government particularly the Ministry of Education to swiftly intervene to ensure kids’ learning process at the institution is not disrupted due to the damage to the facilities.

The affected storm victims have expressed frustration over the incident as they wonder where and when to get funding from to recondition their homes, and called upon the government and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid by providing them with building materials.

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