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Unity Party Officials Accused of Mismanaging Funds for Inauguration Celebrations

President Joseph Boakai’s inauguration was supposed to be observed in all 73 of Liberia’s districts, but accusations of money mismanagement by Unity Party leaders have clouded the occasion.

In multiple meetings before the inauguration, President Boakai reaffirmed his $5,000 pledge to each district for inaugural celebrations. Instead of the promised $5,000, sources indicate that each district only received $4,000.

According to county sources, Unity Party Chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh directed that $1,000 be removed from each district’s budget. County chairs allegedly took further money out of the remaining $4,000.

On a radio program, D. Nelson Bearngar, the chairman of Nimba County, stated that the National Chairman had authorized the county chairpersons to appropriate $1,000 from each district for their personal use. Local Unity Party officials in Nimba County are currently being pressed for responsibility by the county’s residents.

According to Mr. Edmond Ford, national treasurer of the Unity Party, each county chairperson signed a $5,000 contract for their district. It was then distributed to the various counties based on the number of districts in their counties.

Public outcry and demands for responsibility and openness in the use of the monies have resulted from the allegations.

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