Weah Rallies Partisans Ahead of Run-off Election: “Let’s Go and Finish What We Started”

The Standard Bearer of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Incumbent President of Liberia, George Weah, has strongly encouraged partisans to participate in mass and replicate their support for the CDC in the forthcoming November 14 Presidential Run-off Election.

The Liberian Leader, addressing scores of partisans and well-wishers of the Party in his first major address to the just-ended General and Presidential elections said, that though the CDC did not reach the constitutional benchmark of Fifty Plus One percent (50+1%) to have won on the first round ballot; it is possible when supporters join hands and diligently work to finish what they began.

The National Election Commission (NEC) recently announced that Incumbent President George Weah and his main Opposition rival Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party are due to face off in a run-off Presidential election as the top two candidates who emerged following the October 10 polls.

According to the Incumbent President, with the collective resolve of supporters and well-wishers of the CDC, it is most definite that the Party crosses the finish line to victory in the run-off election.

“To my Fellow CDCians, independent voters, and all supporters of the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your unwavering support has once again brought us to the forefront of the Liberian politics. Together, you have made the CDC the most important potent and political force in Liberia. Your gallantry and dedication have been instrumental throughout our political history.

Your efforts may not have secured a one-round victory, but have propelled us to the forefront of the political landscape, and elevated us to the top position among our political competitors. I now urge all of you to rally once again. Let this be a call to action for every CDC supporter, first-time voter, and every Liberian who believes in the people’s cause to wake up and lace your boots, and let us finish what we started” Weah proposed.

Meanwhile, President Weah has assured Liberians if granted a second term of office his administration will strive to continue on the path of development, which according to him his Government initiated in its first term.

“The next term will be dedicated to Liberia’s road infrastructure. We intend to fulfill the pledge of ensuring the country’s capital is connected to every nearby county through fully paved roads.

We will continue to grow our economy to provide more jobs in the small and medium enterprises sectors and in key sectors like agriculture and manufacturing”, which among other things he named as competing priorities to further strengthen under his government when given another mandate.

In a related development, the Liberian Head of State has in his run-off campaign message on Wednesday, October 25, in Monrovia, vowed to effect appropriate increments that would see off the Government’s voluntary workers on salary following his re-election.

“Today I am also announcing the end of voluntary workers’ programs both in the Health and Education sectors. All health workers and teachers currently volunteering will be placed on payroll beginning January 2024.

Since 2029 we have placed thousands of voluntary teachers on the payroll, and the next year, my government commits to placing the remaining teachers on the public wage. Beyond 2024, my government further commits to hiring additional teachers to continue to close the teacher gap, including those in the security sector” he assured Liberians.

Amidst the heat of the run-off, Weah has begun rallying Liberians run-off election similar to his major contender, Joseph Boakai, who has assured citizens of his (Boakai) intent to rescue the country from what he perceived to be a poor state of affairs under the incumbent President.

Liberians will on November 14 go to the polls to choose between two Presidential Candidates, Weah and Boakai, who attained 804,087 and 796,961 constituting 43.83% and 43. 44% respectively from the recently held October 10 poll among 20 presidential contested candidates.

This however followed the NEC’s pronouncement of a run-off election between the two candidates whose votes obtained did not meet the constitutional mark of Fifty Plus One Percent (50%) to have announced a winner on the first ballot.

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