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Weah’s Government Welcomes US Government’s Elections Visa Sanctions Threats; Resounds Commitments to Upholding Credible Elections

The Government of Liberia welcomes the latest United States Government visa restriction policy intended to target those who undermine democracy in Liberia.

This policy, the government believes, further reinforces President George M. Weah’s expressed commitment to building a more democratic society – grounded in respect for the rule of law, free expression, and association, as well as the holding of free and fair elections. 

This was the central theme of his address to the UN General Assembly last week and during various conversations with U.S. stakeholders – including U.S. Charge d’Affairs Catherine RODRIGUEZ.

The Government believes the U.S. statement, coming at a time when incendiary rhetoric by politicians have been on the rise, will aid its efforts to calm public anxiety around the upcoming democratic exercise.

Meanwhile, the government has also welcomed the arrival in the country of scores of election observers from the ECOWAS, AU, EU, U.S. and other observer missions from around the world. This comes as international partners in Liberia have commended various stakeholders, including the elections commission, for the methodical and open manner in which they have conducted themselves so far.

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